Day One of the 60 day Juice Feast (Fast)

Today is day one of my 60 day Juice fast. My goal is 90 days with the lower goal being 60 days. So far it is going great. I am feeling just fine and not hungry at all. I do have a slight headache but that could be from the change in weather or the cleanse that is starting to happen. I was drinking juice for meals for the past few days so I have been getting some juice along with the other food I was eating. Mainly vegan food. I am going to post my body change progress on this site. I am starting out at 219 lbs. ( a few months ago I had jumped up to 289 lbs) so I have been working on getting myself healthy for a few months now and look at this as the natural progression. I am looking forward to clarity of mind and being able to connect better with the universal mind (god). I want to be able to put my passion across the universe and attract people who are looking for the same thing.

A total body and spiritual makeover. I am an ordained minister of metaphysics from the University of Sedona. This clarity of mind will help me reach the goals of purity of mind, body and spirit. So lets watch the external changes as they happen and I will share my other thoughts as well.

Until then – keep juicing and cleansing – you can reach your desires as well!

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