Recipe from day three of the juice fast

Here is a delicious recipe from day three of my juice fast.  My wife has lost 7 pounds and I have lost 4.  I am feeling great.  Some minor detox but nothing to write home about.  I have more recipes that I will share with you.  I am starting to feel clean.  So I hope to have a feeling of greater connection to the God mind (infinite intelligence).   A feeling of oneness with the universe.

This fast is giving my digestive tract a break and will give it time to heal.  This will give the rest of my body more energy since the digestive tract uses most of your daily energy digesting food.  It should be able to regenerate itself and the body should use up the store fat in my body as fuel instead.

This is all a spiritual cleansing indeed.  A way to reach for the higher level of consciousness.

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