Youth Group Fasts for 30 Hours

Lynchburg, VA – A Lynchburg youth group joined youth groups around the world for an international day of fasting Friday.

Kids at Peakland Baptist Church will fast for 30 hours. They met earlier Friday, just after noon, to start. The goal is to not eat until 3 in the afternoon Saturday with people sponsoring them. But, that’s no easy task, so they are playing survival games to keep their minds off their hunger and on the cause.

The money they raise will go to Haiti. They’ve done it four years and raised more than $11,000. Kids say it opens their eyes to what too many deal with.

“Even though we don’t see it as much in our own country, I think that we need to raise awareness to other places in the world since we aren’t just the world. I mean, there’s a whole world besides us, so we need to pay more attention to it,” said Collin McDermott, one of the people fasting.

via Youth Group Fasts for 30 Hours.

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