Spiritual Fasting

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Spiritual Fasting is not a pathway to God. You do not need a path to God. He will come to you. You can’t get any closer than He is to you right now. He knows your every thought, the number of hairs on your head and the workings of every cell in your body. The reason we are not overwhelmed with the presence of God is that we are not living in obedience. Fasting is a time to cleanse and discipline our hearts before God that we may give to Him what He truly wants the full commitment of our heart.If you want a guest for dinner you must invite them. If you invite Christ into your life, He will come. Fasting is the preparation for His coming; a dedicated time to cleanse the temple, our body and soul, that His Spirit will dwell with us. Spiritual Emptiness Spiritual emptiness plagues the souls of our modern society. Crafted veneers cover up how we really feel, because, to be honest is to admit we’re suffering inside. It is easier to ignore the cry of the heart and suppress it with work, activities, alcohol or sensual pleasure. Much of what we do is maneuvering around past hurts, fears and low self-worth. On the inside, is a small child, in an adult world, crying out for love using possessions and job titles to prove significance because we don’t really believe we are worthy of love just as we are. Entering a relationship desperate for love, pressures the other person with unrealistic needs. What God intended for support and encouragement becomes a war zone.

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